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When it comes to adenomyosis, the first thought should be how to treat it. Then the most crucial thing after treatment should be a recurrence. Today, I'd like to introduce some behaviors that are easy to make adenomyosis relapse. I hope you can avoid touching in your life. At present, no matter what method is used for treatment, the problem of recurrence is the most concerned.

The clinical treatment of adenomyosis mainly uses drug therapy and surgical treatment. Women with mild symptoms and fertility requirements can choose drug treatment, such as the natural medicine Fuyan Pill. In the case of strict control of diet, there will be no recurrence.

Meanwhile, it improves your immunity and self-healing ability, so you can have a better physical status to naturally conceive with healthy babies. If the symptoms can still not be improved, surgical resection is needed.

Even after cure, adenomyosis will lead to the recurrence of the disease because of not paying attention to a proper diet, maintaining good habits, etc. Therefore, even after the cure, women should also maintain good eating habits.

Five points for attention in patients with adenomyosis

Do not have sexual life during the menstrual period

It should be paid special attention to both before and after the operation. Many adenomyosis patients get adenomyosis because of this. During menstruation, the cervical and vaginal junction will be opened, and sexual intercourse will quickly lead to microbial ascending into the uterine cavity, increasing pelvic infection probability. It can also cause the uterus to contract uncoordinated, which lays a hidden danger for adenomyosis.

Pay attention to keep warm and avoid cold

The female uterus is warm. It doesn't like to catch a cold. Therefore, when women choose clothes, they should not only care about beauty but ignore the warmth. In summer, pay special attention not to direct air conditioning. The air conditioning temperature should not be too low.

Pay attention to the diet

Although the diet can return to normal after surgery, women should still avoid eating some food, such as cold, spicy, and irritating food. They are terrible for the disease.

It's so cool to eat ice cream in the summer. But this feeling can trẻ em bị ong đốt trên 10 nốt cause tremendous harm to the female body. Women should avoid this cold food in the menstrual period or before menstruation.

You can eat at other times, but you should also pay attention to the amount. Some health products with unknown ingredients are not recommended.

All intense sports and heavy physical labor are prohibited during menstruation

Although exercise is good for your health, a lot of activity during menstruation is not good for your health and will make you sick. Excessive exercise may cause pelvic congestion and aggravate dysmenorrhea in patients with adenomyosis. Therefore, patients should pay attention to avoid some extreme sports such as basketball, sprint and some sports that will push the body too much during menstruation.

What's more, it is inconvenient to exercise during menstruation. During menstruation, you can do some gentle exercises, such as walking, jogging, etc. If it's not menstruation, the way you exercise doesn't matter much.

Adjust your mind

Patients with adenomyosis must be relaxed. Often in a bad mood is not good for your health, l and it may lead to endocrine disorders. Be sure to adjust your emotions at any time, maintain an optimistic attitude so that the function of the immune system is normal.

Of course, we should not be afraid, not to say that doing these things will definitely relapse, but will only increase the recurrence probability. Women don't have to think all day long whether the disease will relapse to increase their troubles.

The above five points are about some nursing measures to reduce the recurrence of adenomyosis in life. They are also applicable to healthy women.